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Mixed Media Fiber Artist

Reclaimed  -  Repurposed  -  Re-imagined

Donna Tronca

Donna Tronca stretches the fiber art boundaries to create beautiful works of art out of her studio in Palmrya, Wisconsin. Donna re-interprets life in texture and color via weaving, felting, braiding, and fusing plastics, using both hand-made work and pieces she has re-imagined.


When speaking with her husband years ago, Dan Johnson mentioned how much plastic he has to deal with for his business and how he wished there was some way to keep it out of the landfill. Donna began researching and experimenting with ways to fuse the plastic to create a type of fabric. 

Donna Tronca's Winter Kimono Robe


The recycling of materials and transforming it into art, is like finding treasure out of nowhere. It’s an opportunity to look at ordinary objects in new ways, and think about transforming these common materials into works of art.

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