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Fiber Art Collection

Fiber Art

When I work with fiber, my focus has primarily been on weaving, felt making, and Kumihimo braiding. I love the way these ancient art forms are so adaptable to a contemporary aesthetic. Adding textile collage to the mix has expanded her ability to push the limits of the fiber and process.


Color, texture, and interlacement are the constants of design throughout time and geography. Whether creating wearable art or decorative art, working in this medium ties me to countless other generations who have worked with textiles since the beginning of time.


Donna Tronca likes to work in a crossover style. Meaning thinking of a medium in unusual and unexpected ways. Pushing the limits of the fiber or the process. It doesn’t always work, however some of my “mistakes” have turned into some of my best work! Besides the process of experimentation can lead to the greatest surprises! And who doesn’t love a surprise?

Fibe Art Sample - Circumnavigation


 Weaving, Felt Making, & Kumihimo Braiding

Fiber Art Gallery

Fiber Art Gallery
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